50 Restaurants With The Most Check-Ins – USA Today

We asked Foursquare which restaurant has the most people checking in on its Swarm app in each state. The results: Americans still love pizza, beer and tacos — but there are a few surprises. One dumpling place made the list (in a city known for seafood), a Disney restaurant has the most check-ins for Florida, and more than one brewery made the cut. Perhaps expectedly, people still check-in to their favorite coffee shops, and al fresco seating and live music of course draw crowds. Diners should know that checking in to restaurants (and other businesses) can unlock deals and discounts (influencing these results). Browse the gallery above to see the most popular restaurant in each state (and D.C.), according to Foursquare Swarm, in the past year.

Kansas City gets two popular barbecue destinations on the list with Q39’s 9.48 rating in Missouri.

Kansas City gets two popular barbecue destinations

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