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Barbecue News: Minsky’s limited-time Bacon Explosion Pizza & Q39 Brew

Article: In barbecue news: Minsky’s limited-time Bacon Explosion pizza & new Q39 brew – Ink
Author: Sarah Gish
Date: February 1, 2018 11:24 AM

Last week, Minsky’s debuted a new pizza topped with thin strips of Bacon Explosion — a 4-pound, football-shaped log of bacon and barbecue sausage.

The Bacon Explosion pizza is available through February at all 16 Minsky’s locations, plus the Minsky’s in Lawrence. It comes on the customer’s choice of crust with Wisconsin mozzarella, Farmland bacon, pickle strips, zesty barbecue sauce and, of course, bits of Bacon Explosion.

The Bacon Explosion is the brainchild by Jason and Megan Day, the husband and wife behind Lee’s Summit’s Burnt Finger BBQ team. The recipe — two pounds of pork sausage stuffed and wrapped with two pounds of bacon — gained internet notoriety 10 years ago, and now you can buy a Bacon Explosion on burntfingerbbq.com for $39.99.

The pizza was a hit during an informal newsroom taste test. Everyone liked the big hunks (not slices) of smoky Bacon Explosion on top — one taster said they reminded her of smoked ham — and the thin strips of pickle didn’t offend the lone pickle-hater in the group.

One tester said the pizza could be called Pork Lovers; another said it was good even when cold.

A Minsky’s regular said he liked the Bacon Explosion pizza, but that it wouldn’t replace his go-to Bacon Cheeseburger pizza, which comes with full bacon strips on top.

Several tasters noted that the Bacon Explosion pizza was missing one thing: More sauce. This is Kansas City, after all. If you order a Bacon Explosion pizza and like your ’cue saucy, ask for a cup of the good stuff on the side or BYOS (bring your own sauce). Minsky’s uses its own sauce and drizzles it on the pie.

Megan Day says she likes how Minsky’s turned her Bacon Explosion into a pizza.

“I love pickles with my barbecue, so that was a great topping addition,” she says. “Vinegar is often used to improve the flavor of dishes, and that’s exactly what it does here. It just works.”

The Days have been featured in Amazon Prime’s “Smoke & Ribbons: A DocQmentary,” and Megan Day competed on Food Network’s “Chopped Grill Masters.”

Minsky’s Bacon Explosion pizza ranges in price from $6.39 for a 6-inch mini to $19.39 for a large to $56.99 for a 26-inch “gigantor” pie — which is probably the way to go if you’re hosting a Super Bowl watch party.

Q39 brew

In other barbecue collaboration news, Q39 has partnered with Martin City Brewing Co. to make Brew 39, a beer that’s on tap at the barbecue joint with locations at 1000 W. 39th St. and 11051 Antioch Road in Overland Park. Martin City Brewing Company’s tap room at 500 E 135th St. also offers the brew.

The amber English pub ale was brewed to complement Q39’s ’cue. Its secret ingredient? Smoked malt, of course.

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