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Everything you need to know about Q39 with recipes and tips from Executive Chef Philip, plus all things BBQ and experiencing Kansas City!

The ultimate smoky and sweet way to do this Midwestern meat mecca. Texas has its brisket. South Carolina has its vinegar sauce. But Kansas City, which boasts the most barbecue restaurants per capita in the U.S., is where you go for low and slow smoked pork, beef, chicken, turkey, mutton—they literally do it all—slathered in […]

Article: Zagat’s latest regional barbecue list recommends burnt ends at 3 KC restaurants June 1, 2017 By Joyce Smith Zagat has released “The Ultimate Guide to American Regional Barbecue,” which breaks down regional styles and offers three local recommendations. A national guide to top restaurants, the website says the history of barbecue is the history […]

May 29, 2017 By Fox 4 Newsroom Burger patty (1/2 chuck, 1/2 brisket) Fresh 8 oz burger patty Pat lightly (to prevent from being too chewy) Cook on wood fired or gas grill to med (135 degrees) Brisket burnt ends Use point of brisket and slice (not cube) 2 slices for 2-3 oz) Top cooked […]

May 29, 2017 By Fox 4 Newsroom 1 ea. 8 oz salmon filet TT  Steak seasoning 1 oz Classic BBQ sauce 5 oz Jalapeño cilantro coleslaw Season salmon with steak seasoning, Grill until medium and brush with classic sauce. Place on a bed of slaw with veg on the side Jalapeño Cilantro slaw ½ea.  Red […]

From South American cafes to burger bars, here’s where the Royals love to eat in KC BY SARAH GISH 4/10/2017 sgish@kcstar.com Ever wonder how the Kansas City Royals fuel up before big games? I did — so I went in search of the baseball players’ favorite foods. After trolling their Twitter accounts and asking Star […]

4/4/2017 KANSAS CITY, Mo. — FOX 4’s food scout Stewart Lane loves to share the history behind each dish he brings on the morning show, so it only makes sense that he timelined the history of one of Kansas City’s most popular dishes, barbecue. In addition to explaining how Kansas City expanded from just ribs to chicken, burnt […]

11 Baseball Cities Worth Visiting With Your Team This Season Travel + Leisure Apr 02, 2017  If you’re a baseball fan, you’ve probably been to plenty of home games, but have you ever followed your team to root for them on the road? They need some friendly voices in the crowd, so you can accomplish […]

3/22/2017 KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s not March Madness without chicken wings. The head chef of Q39, Rob Magee, stopped by the morning show to share his recipe for what he calls the “best chicken wings on the planet.” He also explains how he came up with the name. Q39’s Best chicken wings on the […]

BY KATHY LU AND LEAH BECERRA klu@kcstar.com and lbecerra@kcstar.com 3/22/2017 In Kansas City for the NCAA’s Sweet 16 at Sprint Center? Or, better yet, the Elite Eight? We figured you might need some pointers while you’re here — where to go, what to eat and what to see. There are plenty of options at the […]


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