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Chef Rob McGee

Chef Rob McGee
With over 30 years of restaurant and cooking experience under his belt, Chef Rob Magee is nowhere close to slowing down. This BBQ restaurant in Kansas City has earned numerous accolades for his innovative techniques and phenomenal attention to detail. See our home page for more information. 

 Under Chef Magee’s authority, you can expect the best BBQ in Kansas City with a fresh environment. to match.

A Love of Cooking

Chef Magee’s passion for food is no recent development in his career. A degree from the Culinary Institute of America in 1986 started him on a long and successful path into the hotel industry.

Here he honed his talents and rose to Executive Chef with a knack for leadership and a willingness to try out new and adventurous ideas. It was this instinctive spirit that guided him to a life-changing fascination with Kansas City BBQ.

The KC BBQ Education

Chef Magee discovered a newfound hobby in the unique approach to the barbecue of Kansas City. He was attracted to the concept’s openness to bold ideas; barbecue restaurants in other regions were sometimes too regimented in the past.

The secret to his BBQ education was a mixture of experimenting with flavor combinations and sampling the tastes of KC barbecue experts. A friend who admired his pursuits suggested he give the competition a try.

The Strongest Competitor

Chef Magee’s dedication to his craft made him an instant standout in the competition circuit. He identified the key to impeccable BBQ was a combination of flavor profiles, a superior product, and moisture content.

With this guiding philosophy, he adapted his process to the fast-paced competitive setting and discovered the best way to cook barbecue: hot and fast.

In his 15 years on the circuit, Chef Magee and his team ‘The Munchin’ Hogs’ won countless competitions across the country. It became clear that if the most discerning panels of judges were on board, then the public would likely love it too.

A Dream Realized in Q39

With an arsenal of innovative methods and validation from numerous critics, Chef Magee set about making one of his earliest dreams come to fruition.

Opening a restaurant had always been in the cards for this barbecue pioneer, and with two successful locations, he’s more than made it happen.
Dine-in at one of Q39’s dynamic locations for the most perfected Kansas City BBQ there is.

The menu has a little something for everyone, and you’re guaranteed a fresh, friendly meal that starts you off salivating and leaves you satisfied.