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Things To Do in Kansas City

The state’s second-largest metro has way more to offer than just its famed jazz and barbecue. See our recommendations on what to do, best places to eat, shop, and where to stay in Kansas City.
  When you ask about things to do in Kansas City, MO, one of the top recommendations will be to eat barbeque. Kansas City takes the Missouri style of barbequed meat to the next level: Smoked meat of every kind gets bathed in the spicy, sweet sauce that KC is known for. The original sauce was a peppery blend created by Henry Perry for the smoked meats he served to the workers in the KC garment district. After Perry’s death, Arthur and Charlie Bryant took over the business and added the signature sweetness by incorporating molasses into the sauce, giving rise to today’s Kansas City barbeque sauce.    

1. Innovation

If you’ve looked for fun things to do in KC and found that Missie B’s is where you need to go, then you are only a hop (save the skip and a jump) from Q39. The Takeout rated Q39 as one of the top picks for a barbeque in Kansas City, naming it “The Innovator.” It’s easy to see why when you look over the Q39 menu. They elevate the standard smoked meat offerings with things like Pork Belly and Sausage Corn Dogs with bbq sauce and maple syrup.   No one would ever call the typical BLT innovative, perhaps with the exception of the very first person to ever try it back in the early 1900s. Since then, they’ve become a delicious but commonplace occurrence in most households and restaurants. That is, until now: The PBLT is a mouth-watering concoction of smoked pork belly, lettuce, and tomato that is so delicious it could even tempt a vegan. There is nothing conventional about this sandwich.  

Things To Do in Kansas City


2. Uniqueness

On the list of unique things to do in Kansas City, you are bound to find that the Giant Bookshelf is a must-see. It’s actually the facade for the Kansas City Library parking garage. At a mere 25 feet tall by 9 feet wide, it is known as the World’s Largest Bookshelf.   While you are on your quest for unique things, don’t overlook the Burnt Ends appetizer at Q39. While you would think that anything burned would have no place on a restaurant menu as revered as Q39’s, but burnt end sandwiches are a beloved staple in the KC BBQ scene. This unique appetizer leaves the crispy char (also known as bark) and the underlying succulent meat as the star of the dish, making it a truly unique taste of KC at its absolute best.  

3. Interest

It’s safe to say that Kansas City points of interest are numerous. For a fun and educational stop on the itinerary, try Science City, a hands-on STEM learning experience for the young and young at heart, located in Union Station. See the stars in the night sky and explore Mars while you feed your inner geek. When you are ready to feed the family, bring them down to Q39. For an interesting take on a Canadian favorite, try the Smoked Meat Brisket Poutine. It has everything a kid could love: fries, cheese curds, and gravy. If that’s not good enough, then the barbeque wizards at Q39 add their smoked brisket. Wrap up a fascinating afternoon with a dessert of ice cream, drop donuts or carrot cake with lemon icing.

4. Libation

After a jam-packed day of checking off your list of things to do Kansas City, it’s time to sit back and relax. You should visit one of the many amazing jazz venues like The Phoenix or the Green Lady Lounge for a taste of authentic jazz. But when you are ready to taste some of the jazziest smoke-infused drinks, head over to Q39 for Smoked Old Fashioned or a Smoke and Stormy. They also have an impressive offering of wines and craft beers for every taste. If you are wondering what to do in Kansas City, it’s simple: Visit Q39 Midtown. Find us in Kansas City at 1000 W 39th Street, or give us a call at 816-255-3753.

Kansas City is well known across the country for its delicious food such as Kansas City BBQ, powerful sports teams, and many cultural things to do. Whether you are looking for activities for a family trip, romantic getaway, bachelor or bachelorette party, or staycation, you will find an itinerary that is sure to please.

Kansas City Adelaide

We’ve described the vibes that Kansas City has, but what about the gems hidden beyond the sight of your tourist magazine. The local spots were innovative and interesting meet unique? We think you’ll enjoy every one of the gems listed below. There’s something for every mood, feel and palet.

Enjoy Q39’s Employee Picks: 5 Best Ways To Enjoy Downtown Kansas City

1.) Make a Visit to Union Station

One of the most unique spots in Kansas City is Union Station, which is a transportation hub and so much more. Whether you dream about hopping a train at the Amtrak stop to LA or Chicago or want to marvel at the 95-foot ceiling in this more than a century-old architectural masterpiece, it is a stop you cannot miss when you are in town.

Union Station is also home to a planetarium, permanent rail museum, live theater, giant-screen movie theater, and the interactive science center Science City. There is something for everyone, so be sure to leave enough time for this incredible venue.

2.) Enjoy a Little BBQ

Kansas City is known around the world for its barbeque, and if you want the city’s best, a visit to the restaurant Q39 is a must-do. The chef at this award-winning restaurant hails from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York and always delivers fresh, delicious from-scratch meals. The open kitchen allows spectators to gawk at the state-of-the-art equipment and restaurant-hustling within. One location in Midtown and another in Overland Park give you two opportunities to sample this innovative, delectable fare.

While Q39 specializes in competition-topping Kansas City BBQ, they are also renowned for their aged-to-perfection brisket, smoked chicken, salmon, and tasty sides like apple coleslaw, house-cut fries, and baked beans. Children’s and To-Go menus make this the perfect spot for family dining or to pick up a meal when you want to take a picnic to nearby Jacob L. Loose Park.

3.) Pass Some Time at a Museum

No trip to Kansas City would be complete without going to at least one of the many museums this city has to offer. If you are an art aficionado, make plans to visit the free Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. Be sure to split your time there between the fabulous permanent collection and the carefully curated visiting exhibits. Another great venue for art lovers is the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, which houses incredible pieces and also boasts a 22-acre sculpture park. Kansas City is also home to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, where you can learn more about this historic league via memorabilia, video presentations, and interactive displays. While there, check out the American Jazz Museum, located on the same grounds. Its exhibits go hand-in-hand with live jazz performances in a working jazz club and is sure to leave you with a song in your head.

4.) Catch a Pro Sports Game

The greater Kansas City area gives you a number of opportunities to see major sporting events. Whether you want to cheer at a professional football game, hear the wood-splitting crack of a home run at Kauffman Stadium, or witness the exciting goals of the pro soccer team, you will enjoy yourself. There are also two races annually at Kansas Speedway for those racecar diehards.

5.) Spend a Few Hours Outdoors

There are many opportunities to take advantage of a beautiful day in Kansas City. The Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens is a 300-acre oasis that displays eight different ecosystems. The Kansas City Zoo houses over 1,300 animals, including elephants, sea lions, and penguins, and offers a sky safari so you can get a unique perspective on this 202-acre property. For even more adventure, the 25-mile Indian Creek Hike and Bike Trail is the perfect place to bike, hike or skate the day away.

No matter what your day looks like in Kansas City, make sure you stop by Q39 for a bite to eat and experience what makes Kansas City BBQ some of the most famous barbecue in the world.