Beef Brisket from Q39 – Fox 4


  1. Trim Brisket down and leave only 1/8 inch thick fat cap
  2. Make a cut on the tip of the brisket across the grain. (after cooking the brisket it is very hard to tell which way the grain is going, this technique will help guide you to cut across the grain).
  3. Coat with Brisket Rub as soon as possible, little less than ½ cup per brisket
  4. Wrap in plastic and let marinate
  5. Remove Brisket and let set out side for 1 hour Heat smoker to 225 degrees
  6. Place Beef Brisket fat side up,
  7. Place water bath in smoker ( boiling water)
  8. Cook the Brisket at 225 degrees using hickory first 2 hrs, apple next and finish with cherry wood
  9. After three hours flip & turn the meat fat side down ( Bark should start forming)
  10. After 4 hrs start spraying meat every hour with apple juice
  11. After 6 hrs. beef should be at or around 155-160 degrees, coat with Q39 classic bbq sauce.
  12. let sauce set, cover with foil, fat side up
  13. Cook until 194-196 degrees (9-11 hrs)
  14. Let rest for 1 hr. so the juices disburse
  15. Slice and enjoy

Use a 10-11 lb. brisket to start than trim, After the brisket is cooked, slice ¼ inch across the grain using the cut as your guide. Make lots of slices with the smoke ring up. Brush the outside and light on top of the meat with BBQ sauce and fan out the meat and spray with apple juice. Cut some burnt ends and toss with a little bbq sauce and place in box.


  • Always check the shelf temperature vs the thermometer temperature at the top of the smoker – they can vary quite a bit.
  • Wrapping a brisket in foil helps retain moisture
  • Always establish a good bark before wrapping it
  • For a cutting guide, make a mark on the brisket against the grain.  This will help after the  brisket is cooked.
  • Check temperature  to make sure it is done but make sure the thermometer come outs easily
  • Don’t cut into the meat until it rest for 1 hr. or the meat juices will run out
  • Cooling the brisket cool down also allows the juices to stay in the meat so it stays moist. 

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