Group Dining and Event space


The Q in Q39 is national champion, award-winning dishes from the Munchin’ Hogs barbeque team, led by Rob Magee. Kansas City can now enjoy what judges in competitions all across America already tasted and loved. From the brisket burger to the slabs of ribs, the turkey to burnt ends and the sausage to chicken, every single dish is made from scratch using multiple barbeque cooking techniques perfected by Rob and his team.

Q39 uses its own proprietary barbeque sauces, rubs and cooking techniques. Many of the dishes are smoked, aged and simmered for days before hitting the only open kitchen of its kind to create the dishes served for lunch, dinner happy hour or carryout. The result is flavor. Hands-down the nicest barbeque you will ever get on your face. It will leave you wanting to explore and come back for more.