How to throw an effortless backyard bbq

There’s nothing like great food for bringing people together. Whatever you’re celebrating with friends and family this summer, let Q39 help. A backyard BBQ is casual: guests can pop in, grab a plate, and have a good time. The host should have a good time too – throw an effortless backyard barbeque with these simple tips.

The Food – Stay cool and keep away from the hot grill. Q39 catering makes menu planning easy, lets the host be part of the party, and makes for easier clean up. Q39 offers four different catering packages and a wide variety of additional options. Catering managers can assist by customizing any package to your event’s needs and help determine how much to order. Plus, Q39 will even deliver and set-up before the party begins. Here are the basics:

Champion BBQ package: Your standard, delicious BBQ buffet with the classics.

* Choice of two meats, three signature sides and accoutrements.

Pit Master’s Favorite: For those who like to dip, dunk and nibble.

* Vegetable crudité, best wings on the planet, house made chipotle sausage medallions and hickory smoked brisket sliders.

Grill-out package: Q39’s twist on the classic burgers and dogs.

* Brisket burgers, chipotle sausage, three signature sides and accoutrements.

Blue Ribbon package (full-service only): For those who want to WOW their guests.

* Choice of two entrees (hickory smoked beef brisket, smoked prime rib*, wood fired grilled salmon filet, grilled and charred chicken breast) and sides including chopped salad and spinach salad, parsley red potatoes and rice pilaf, seasonal vegetables with herb butter and rolls with butter.

Keep the set up simple – It’s easy for the guests to gravitate towards the kitchen, where the food is. To encourage the guests to circulate, have stations for beverages (be sure to have plenty of ice), appetizers, and desserts set up outside when guests arrive. Q39 offers additional options like cheese and fruit tray, vegetable crudité, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, assorted mini desserts and more. To add to the ambiance, consider backyard torches, and table centerpieces (even just on the buffets) like plants or candles.

Serving– Forget the fancy table and china. You’re throwing a barbeque. Disposable plates and plastic eating utensils are perfectly acceptable, and even expected! All of Q39’s BBQ buffets include heavy, disposable plates, plastic eating utensils, napkins and wet napkins. Set up your Q39 BBQ buffet inside and let your guests help themselves. Add your own beverage cups and napkins to personalize your celebration.

Both Q39 locations have a catering manager dedicated to helping you custom the food for your backyard barbeque. To begin planning your event, call the location nearest you to get your backyard barbeque party started today.

For more information on Q39 catering, visit or contact: Shannon at Q39 in Midtown, Or Lisa at Q39 in Overland Park,

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