KCFoodGuys.com – Ultimate BBQ Tournament Champion

Note: Bracket results are determined by the food critics and staff contributors of KCFoodGuys.com. Fan voting will be used to identify the “2015 Kansas City People’s Champ” and will be recognized when we announce the 2015 KCFoodGuys.com BBQ bracket champion.
KCFoodGuys.com 2015 Ultimate BBQ Tournament Champion

Q39/LCs: So its come down to Q39 versus LCs in our KCFoodGuys.com 2015 Ultimate BBQ Tournament. New Guy vs Old Guy, New Place vs Old Place. So who wins? First lets take a look at how our contestants got here. Q39 has taken out Ricky’s BBQ, Smokebox BBQ, BB’s Lawnside. Then the competition stiffened up and they got past Danny Edwards and a KC BBQ Legend in Jack Stack. LCs has taken out All Slabbed Up, Roscoe’s, Smokin Guns and two epic upset victories against KC BBQ Legends Gates & Joe’s KC.
When you match-up Q39 with LCs the differences are glaring. Q39 has positioned itself as a more refined dining experience with a price to match which has caused some to question the value received as many comments in our posts have suggested that larger portions are needed for the price. Its not that Q39 is super expensive its just more expensive that most when it comes to eating BBQ in KC. LCs is a bare essentials hole in the wall BBQ joint where there is value to what you get, but the price you pay is that you better not expect anything, and we mean anything, other than great BBQ.
Now lets look at how we viewed them competing on the food and other categories. Both LCs and Q39 serve great food. LCs takes Q39 in the ribs, beans & fries categories, they tasted better and they are nice sized portions. Q39 takes LCs in the burnt ends, sausage, and chicken categories. They tie when it comes to brisket and sauce although Q39 has a few sauces to choose from. From a drink perspective you can probably get whatever you want at Q39 since it has a bar, LCs has a small drink fountain with one size of styrofoam drink cup, super large, and the choice of some refrigerated drink bottles. When it comes to dining experience & location that always comes down to personal preference but we prefer the trendy vibe at Q39 nestled between KUMed and Westport.

So in the end, Q39 is hereby the best BBQ in Kansas City. Q39 is the only place in town to get competition quality BBQ in a restaurant. The burnt ends at Q39 are the best BBQ dish in Kansas City. Q39 is the KCFoodGuys.com 2015 Ultimate BBQ Tournament Champion. We ended up eating a lot of BBQ for this tournament and looked at our experiences, preferences, and input from others in head to head matchups and Q39 won every matchup they had. Congratulations Q39!
Final 2015 BBQ Bracket

2015 Kansas City People’s Choice Champion
We had more than 1000 total votes in the people’s champ and it wasn’t even close. The people have spoken and they have chosen Joe’s Kansas City in a landslide as the 2015 KCFoodGuys.com People’s Champion. Congratulations Joe’s! We always knew your were Kansas City’s by your BBQ.
Votes % BBQ
700 65.4% Joe’s Kansas City
169 15.8% Q39
150 14.0% Jack Stack
52 4.9% Gates

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