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Our Favorite Lunch Catering Menu Ideas for Work

lunch catering for work

When you’re ordering lunch for a group, you need to find options that are total crowd-pleasers. Finding a restaurant that will impress your coworkers is a big responsibility. These lunch catering ideas will surely help you find the best option for your work event. 

It’s best to order somewhere that has something for everyone, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Q39. Delicious barbecue will make everyone’s day and perk up any work lunch. Check out our catering ideas below.

Worry-Free Delivery and Setup

The off-site catering menu features items that can be delivered straight from our restaurant to your location. The food will be hot and fresh, delivered with disposable plates heavy enough to hold our barbecue, along with utensils, napkins and wet wipes. The food itself comes in disposable containers for easy cleanup, with signs to label each item. The package includes everything you need for an office lunch to run smoothly. There are three package options to choose from:
• Champion BBQ Package
• Grill-Out Package
• Pit Master’s Favorites

Champion BBQ

Deliciously Seasoned Meats

At Q39, we’re known for our carefully marinated, seasoned and spiced meats. Our kitchen offers a taste of authentic Kansas City barbecue that came from years of hard-won mastery of the cooking style. The Champion Package catering option gives you the choice of two types of meat , from a mouth-watering array that includes:

• Hickory-smoked brisket
• Apple-brined pulled pork
• Smoked-and-charred chicken
• Chipotle cilantro sausage
• Herb-smoked turkey breast


Classic Southern Sides

Kansas City barbecue is known for its delicious sides that deliver as much flavor as the main course. Our catering menu offers plenty of the same sides on our restaurant menu , so you can get favorites like our mac and cheese or honey-glazed spare ribs.

With the Grill-Out Package, you get three sides, including creamy, rich potato salad, tangy and fresh apple coleslaw and savory baked beans. The sides are just as important as the main dish to creating a good plate of barbecue. Our vegetable crudité, the Best Wings on the Planet and other sides are available in addition to the package, so feel free to add them on if your office is especially hungry.

Burgers and Sausage

For lunch catering ideas, we suggest the brisket burger and chipotle sausage as two delicious options that will make mouths water. The ground brisket is grilled over oak wood for a rich, smoky flavor. The chipotle sausage combines sautéed peppers and onion with ground pork and the signature Q39 spice blend. Both are served on egg buns with fixings on the side , including a jalapeno-pickle slaw, provolone cheese, slides veggies and sauces.

Pit Master’s Favorites

Favorite Finger Foods

The Pit Master’s Favorites package comes with the Best Wings on the Planet, House Made Chipotle Sausage Medallions, Vegetable Crudité and Q Spare Ribs. The order highlights some of our best dipping foods, with several sauces, served on the side. Buttermilk dip, chipotle BBQ sauce, zesty BBQ sauce, and classic BBQ sauce are all available to bring even more flavor to these options.


Time for Dessert

If you have an office full of workers with a sweet tooth, order some of our dessert options along with your lunch package. We make our desserts with the same care and attention as our main dishes, so expect delicious flavors to round off your meal.

The lemon bars are fresh and zesty, perfect for citrus lovers or anyone who appreciates a good lemon dessert. Our fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies are melty and delicious. We also offer a selection of elegant little assorted mini-desserts, for those who truly want to indulge their love of sweets.

These lunch catering menu ideas are sure to appeal to many of your coworkers, and our flavorful Kansas City barbecue is a great way to make an ordinary work lunch a little more special. Our packages and delivery make this a hassle-free way to show off your excellent taste.

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