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Chicken wings at Q39

The barbecue at Q39 is amazing, but that’s not breaking news anymore. The biggest surprise is the restaurant’s spin on barbecue chicken wings, served as a six-piece appetizer. Even with the menu proclaiming “world’s greatest chicken wings,” I was dubious. No longer. Rational people can disagree, but these wings top all others in the city. Trust me.


“Little Victories”

Humor in print is the toughest form of comedy, and Jason Gay pulls it off every week as a national sports columnist for the Wall Street Journal. His first book, “Little Victories,” sat on my coffee table for too long. When I read the first chapter, I kicked myself for the procrastination. The writing is hilarious, of course, but also equal parts tender and emotional as he recounts the “little victories” in his own life away from locker rooms and stadiums.


The best television show you’ve never heard about. Daniel Holden (Aden Young), exonerated through DNA evidence, is released from death row after 19 years in prison. Holden’s awkward return to society forms the slow-burn, moody story arc. The acting and writing are impeccable. If “Rectify” had been picked up by HBO instead of the tiny Sundance Channel, it would have won an Emmy. The final season began on Sundance on Oct. 26, but Netflix and Amazon have the first three seasons in case you need to catch up.


“Visions of Excellence”

I’m a photojournalist, so it comes as little surprise that I was thrilled to see 50 of the finest examples of newspaper and magazine photojournalism in the world on display at the Kansas City Central Library, 14 W. 10th St. The remarkable images in the prestigious 73rd Pictures of the Year International competition will bring the world’s condition right into your heart. It’s a powerful demonstration on why photojournalism needs no language to tell its stories. The exhibit continues through Nov. 20.


Lavender honey ice cream

There really is no bad ice cream, but few desserts are as divine as the lavender honey ice cream in a homemade waffle cone at Betty Rae’s, 7140 Wornall Road. Now that I think about it, please try the other flavors. I don’t want them to run out of lavender honey. In fact, you shouldn’t order the lavender honey. It’s terrible. Forget I said any of this.

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