What makes Kansas City BBQ different?

Over the past several decades, Kansas City BBQ masters have perfected the art of creating, cooking and serving the best barbecue in the country. The art of creating great barbecue goes back to the early 1900s, and thanks to the influence of many brilliant culinary minds, has evolved to include a wide range of unique and mouth-watering flavor combinations.

It all started with Henry Perry, now known as the “father of Kansas City barbecue”, when he began selling slow-smoked meats wrapped in newspaper in the Garment District. He’s credited with opening the city’s first barbecue restaurant in an old trolley barn.

Henry Perry trained the next pitmaster, Charlie Bryant, who took over the business after Perry passed away in 1940.

Charlie went on to train his brother Arthur, who added a sweet flavor to the sauce that was a hit with customers. Other famous names in the early history of barbecue include George Bates and Otis Boyd, who both established barbecue restaurants that are still thriving today.

Kansas City BBQ

Kansas City BBQ is known for its savory, slow-cooked meat, sweet, thick sauce, and tempting burnt tips. Over Kansas City’s long history of serving great barbecue, pitmasters have developed their own techniques and flavors, and each has added his or her unique tastes to these well-established staples. In Kansas City, there’s barbecue to suit any preference, including the made-from-scratch creations at Q39.

Legacy of Q39

Owned and run by barbeque master Rob Magee, Q39 boasts an open kitchen featuring a pair of five-hundred-pound stainless hickory-fired smokers and an oak-fired grill. Rob and his wife, Kelly, set out to create a restaurant that serves barbecue at the moment of perfection, a skill Rob perfected while participating in competitive barbecue.

Over a ten-year span, Rob and his team, the Munchin’ Hogs, won several competitions and national championships. Rob honed his barbecue techniques by continuing to gain new skills and creating his own original sauces and rubs from only the highest-quality ingredients. He wasn’t afraid to experiment and constantly explored new tastes and flavors so he could create an even more unique barbecue experience. It was this rigorous training that helped Rob establish a skill set that has made him a master at creating and serving the perfect barbecue to his customers.

The Best of Kansas City BBQ

Great food starts with great ingredients, and Q39 uses only the best, whether it’s the herbs and spices used to create the flavorful sauces and rubs or the meat itself, everything is held to the highest standards. The certified black Angus beef is aged 35 days to the time it’s served, the sausage is crafted using Rob’s original recipe, the ribs are a hefty 3-and-a-half-pound, St. Louis cut, and the sauces and rubs are winners developed from Rob’s experiences and victories in competitive barbecue. Even the slaw stands apart with the addition of fresh-cut green apples.

Q39 Kansas City BBQ Difference

It’s not just the top-notch barbecue that sets Q39 apart from the many other Kansas City BBQ restaurant options. Rob and Kelly strive to offer the best service in town and a friendly, inviting atmosphere the entire family can enjoy. With a rustic, urban contemporary feel, Q39 appeals to visitors and locals alike. Rob Magee’s unique skill set and training have made him not only a master at creating the country’s best barbecue, but at serving it, too.

Visit Q39’s South or Midtown locations to experience barbecue that’s the product of years of refinement and mastery in an inviting atmosphere that makes you feel like one of the family.

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