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‘Burnt Legend’ Blind Tasting: Challenge Accepted!- KCPT



On Thursday, Feb. 23, more than 100 friends of KCPT and its digital magazine, Flatland, were challenged to consume five sample servings — about 2-3 oz. each — of burnt ends and blindly select their favorites from local restaurants and professional barbecue competitors.

Guests used a color-coding system, tokens, and taste buds to make one difficult decision: Who will be the Burnt Legend Blind Tasting Champion?

And the winner was…Q39!

While there was only one burnt end champion crowned from the challenge, there were five talented participants who put up a great fight:
B.B.’s Lawnside BBQ
Burnt Finger BBQ
Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que
Slap’s BBQ.

The showdown took place at Restless Spirits Distilling Company, which generously provided tours, beverages, and samples of crafted spirits.

It was a great — and tasty — way to celebrate KCPT’s partnerships and KC-focused content.

Here’s the scorecard guests used to evaluate the burnt ends. Catch up or re-watch the entire Burnt Legend series and hold your own blind taste-test!