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Keep Kansas City on Your Radar – VisitMO

By: Jamie Crockett

November 21, 2014

The Huffington Post named Kansas City one of the top five cities you should keep your eye on, if you aren’t already.

Affectionately nicknamed KCMO, the city was founded in 1850. According to the Kansas City Public Library’s website, KCMO was originally incorporated as the “Town of Kansas.” In 1889, after undergoing several incorporations, Kansas City was the final name selected.

The Huffington Post gave a shout out to the Green Lady Lounge jazz establishment, Q39 barbecuerestaurant and the City Market, saying “The food is amazing, nearly everything is affordable, and the people are nice.”

From the Royals baseball team to Gates Bar-B-Q, KCMO natives and residents take great pride in knowing they have a lasting connection with the “Heart of America.”

Take a walk on at the historic Country Club Plaza Shopping District and enjoy the fountains. Did you know? Throughout the world, only Rome has more fountains than KC. There is always something to see and do when you make a trip to this Midwestern metropolis.

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