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Pitch – Q39’s Rob Magee looking for second location

Posted By Charles Ferruzza on Mon, Jun 15, 2015 at 2:53 PM

Another Q39 is going to happen. Somewhere.

Restaurateur, chef and competitive barbeque maven Rob Magee’s restaurant, Q39, at 1000 West 39th Street, is only 14 months old, but it’s so successful that local developers have been courting him heavily to open a second location in one of their projects.

He’s interested.

McGee tells me he’s been scouting for a second location — primarily in Johnson County — and has seen quite a few different possibilities.

“The thing is that your second location is very important. You can gamble a little on your third location,” Magee says.

But does Magee, who is already working many, many hours at his 39th Street restaurant, really want to take on a second operation so soon?

“It won’t be soon,” Magee says. “We would have at least 12 months ahead of us even after signing a lease, with the initial negotiations, planning, design, city permits and construction. If we move into an unfinished building, it could take longer. I’m looking for a space that has the same kind of easy-to-find location, the same kind of demographic that we have here.

“No matter where it is,” he adds, “success is all about putting the three basics in front our the customer: a good clean atmosphere, take very good care of your patrons, and make sure you’re serving the best food at all times.”