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‘Raising the BBQ’ takes Kansas City cuisine to new heights

July 22, 2017

By Kera Mashek

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A party at 18th and Vine Saturday went straight to the top.

A picnic table was hoisted 40 feet in the air above the jazz district. It was a spectacle brought to life by Dixie Ultra paper plates called “Raising the BBQ”

“I saw it on Facebook that it was going to be out here, and I mean, we love barbecue! So of course we had to come see it,” said Alexis Claypole, who watched the event with her family.

A Kansas City Chiefs linebacker and some willing volunteers took the lift. The diners then watched as acrobats delivered plates full of barbecue and all the fixings across two tight ropes.

“This is crazy! We’re doing a 20 degree incline wire up, then three different tiers going up to 40 feet. In addition to that, we’re holding two pounds of food in each hand, which makes the challenge all the more great,” said tight rope walker Chris Grabher.

For those lucky enough to enjoy the sky-high lunch, it was an experience of a lifetime.

“I don’t do good with heights! But as I was going up, I realized it wasn’t that bad. I was more focused on the food, so it took my mind off the heights,” said KC Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston.

Q 39’s head chef took the ride up and helped serve the delicious dishes, which all arrived in tact from the trip across the two tight ropes.

Those involved in the stunt say it’s great to see Kansas City, and its barbecue, in the national spotlight.

“You know, we love it. At Q 39, we’ve just been very successful here in Kansas City. We love everybody here, and this has just taken us to new heights,” said Robert Magee, Q 39 chef and owner.

If you’d like to watch the action, the whole stunt was recorded for Dixie’s Facebook page.