True Barbeque Q39 North

About Us

Rob and his wife, Kelly, created their dream venue from scratch, making it completely functional for producing great food from scratch.  They wanted it fun and contemporary, rustic and friendly but urban, contemporary, and, of course, impeccably clean. The idea was always to offer the best barbeque in Kansas City with the best service possible.– all from a midtown location on West 39th Street, one of the most vibrant restaurant scenes in the area.

The unique kitchen is completely open, a far cry from the dank pits of traditional joints.  It features a pair of state-of-the-art, five hundred pound stainless hickory fired smokers, the finest made, plus an oak fired grill for hot, open flame preparation of steaks, salmon, pork cuts, burgers, and vegetables.  It has prep space for the 12-person team, intent on producing and plating every single item in the restaurant except the bread, which comes from a local bakery of the highest reputation.  The kitchen has everything except a microwave.  It’s all gas and wood fired, because, fresh-made food from scratch means just that: and service at the point of perfection is the whole idea.

The briskets are certified black Angus beef, aged 35 days to the time they’re served, the rib slabs are 3 and a half pounds, St. Louis cut.  The sausage is made in-house to Rob’s perfected recipes, honed and written to the gram.  Nothing is left to chance. The sauces and rubs are all Rob’s own recipe winners developed in the heat of major league competition.  The rubs are mixed from fresh dried herbs and spices to strict specs by a local company.  Even the slaw is from Rob’s sense of what works, the addition of fresh-cut green apples adding just the right crispness and acid.

The meat for lunch goes in the smokers at 2 am for 6 hours, then is wrapped and finished in gas ovens for maximum moisture retention.  When it comes out, the meat for dinner goes in.  It’s a precision process, honed from years in competition.  And it makes all the difference in the intensity of flavor, texture, and moistness, ready to be sliced, plated, and served in or carried out during that crucial window of competition barbeque perfection.

It’s smoke and grill heaven like you’ve never been served in a restaurant anywhere. 

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