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BBQ Catering for Weddings by Q39

You’ve been to those formal wedding receptions that require you to make polite small talk during awkward sit-down dinners with people you don’t know, throughout a meal you don’t really like, and probably costs a small fortune for the couple. You know you want something different for your special day. You want fun, and you want laughter. We offer amazing BBQ wedding catering. Most importantly, you want affordable, delicious food shared with good friends and family. You want barbeque catering services from Q39 Kansas City.

When you think of barbeque, it conjures up thoughts and memories of summertime cookouts, family get-togethers, fun, and relaxation. We all know there is nothing like the intoxicating smell of Kansas City barbeque to set your mouth watering. At Q39, we understand that. We live and breathe barbeque.

The Food

Our chef-driven barbeque business was founded around the idea of delicious food in a relaxed family atmosphere. There was nowhere else we wanted to do this but K.C. We soon found out that there was a huge demand for our brisket, pulled pork, sausage, turkey, chicken, salmon and ribs for weddings and parties. We heard you, and we made sure to have a way to bring our food to you. We also love the idea of celebrating joyous events with our neighbors around KCMO.

While we are proud of our slow-smoked meats, we are also excited to offer a wide variety of accompaniments. For starch lovers, we have two kinds of potatoes, mac and cheese, and rice pilaf. For the ones who need that traditional experience, we also have potato salad, baked beans, and coleslaw. Veggie lovers can rejoice because we celebrate the flora with salads, veggie burgers, fruit and veg trays, mixed vegetables and veggie kabobs. Display our sweet treats on a dessert table or wrap them up and offer them as favors.

The Setting

You can really have fun with a cookout style rehearsal dinner or reception. Recycle found objects, flea market finds, borrowed pieces and things from around your house. A cute idea for a menu could be to use an old wooden pallet. Use picnic tables, folding tables or planks on sawhorses for tables, and hay bales, lawn chairs, benches or mismatched wooden chairs for seating. You can take empty jars and fill them with wildflowers, or seasonal flowers of your choice.

With our full-service catering option, we will set up your buffet, provide all the informal place settings, serving dishes and utensils. Your fresh and tender meats and sides will be served up by our uniformed Q39 staff. When you’ve eaten all you can, we will bus the tables and water station, clean the kitchen and take out the trash. If you’d rather keep your ceremony private to the wedding party and guests only, however, we also offer a delivery and set up option. All you have to do is enjoy!

The Experience

We want your wedding experience to reflect who you are. We also want you to have the opportunity to relax after all the anticipation, and to celebrate with all the people that love you. Allow us to do the work while you enjoy our special night! Use your imagination or let your friends and family help. Think out of the box and focus on an easy and relaxed night you’ll never forget.

Skip the traditional cake and have a tiered tray of our delicious lemon bars, cookies or mini desserts. Do karaoke or play your Spotify playlist over Bluetooth speakers, instead of hiring an over-priced DJ or band. Set up a croquet set, play badminton on the lawn, or host a wedding trivia game. Whatever sounds like fun for you should be the focus of your reception.

Let Q39 help to make your day all it can be. Whether you want us to take care of your entire buffet from start to finish, or simply set it up for you to enjoy at your leisure, we can do it. To find out more, contact us online or visit us at our Overland Park or Midtown locations.

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